Corporate and Business Gifts - Fine Art Photography

tree on the wallMetal print in the office

Corporate Gifts: what are the options?

Holiday season is upon us. It’s time to order gifts for your colleagues, business partners or clients. For many years gift basket have been the default choice for lots of businesses. However, what used to be a norm even 2-3 years ago now is passé. Dietary restrictions and healthy lifestyle put gift baskets on the naughty list for many people.

Gift of Art - a better alternative

Gifts of art in general and fine art photography in particular has become the preferred option for many organizations. It’s a gift that shows that you invested time, effort and thought into choosing a sophisticated token of appreciation.

Metal Prints – Long Lasting Memory

Metal prints is one of the best gift options for fine art photography. It’s sleek and modern design will fit any business environment. It’s easy to put on a wall. And it will stay there for many years – reminding your client or business partner about your company. Something that cannot be said of a fruit basket or a box of chocolate.

Our selection of Photography Metal Prints offers a carefully curated selection of fine art photography ideal for metal printing.  Whether you’re showing appreciation to your clients, employees or business partners – you choose from a variety of premium photographs that will suit the occasion. Select from a number of categories, including magnificent landscapes, cities and famous places, animals or specific countries.

Choosing a gift is easy as 1-2-3:

  • Select a picture that inspires you;
  • Choose the size of the metal print you want;
  • Add it to a cart and place the order.

Say “thank you” to your customers, partners and colleagues with a gift of art – premium metal prints!