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Stunning sunset at Maui, Hawaii - the ultimate travel destinationMaui: before the sunriseSunset in MauiSerene coast of Maui, Hawaii during sunsetGentle wave brushes the beautiful coast of Maui, HawaiiCalm waters of the rocky seascape of the Maui coastNew ZealandSerene landscape of New Zealand with two grazing horsesNew ZealandTranquil landscape of New Zealand with two grazing horsesNew ZealandNew ZealandDramatic view of the jetty during sunrise at lake Rotorua, New ZealandNew Zealand - Wanaka LakeNew ZealandNew Zealand - aerial viewYukon skies lit with breathtaking northern lights - Aurora BorealisMagnificent mountains of Kluane National Park, YukonRays of sunshine pouring down on Summit Lake, YukonTranquil wilderness of Kluane National Park, Yukon Canada

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